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xdock is a software that emulates the Window Maker docks, with the following differences:

  • runs in any window manager
  • client/server - it works in a client/server way, where a server sits in the right side of the screen, and the docks are clients that connect to that server;
  • easy to program - programming the Window Maker docks was a hard job. But xdock provides a API that makes programming much easier!



Version 0.3.0 is released!

  • Code has all been rewritten from scratch. Now xdock is much more stable and faster. (and probably has new bugs too).
  • Docks now are 96x96 instead of 64x64.
  • Imlib is no longer required.
  • A few more fonts are avaliable.
  • xdock now support themes.
  • xdock now detects a upper border, and adjusts its position automaticly.


Version 0.2.0 is released! A few changes:

  • The API now support events (mouse clicks).
  • Docks now can be moved and reordered with the mouse.
  • Two new docks were added: xdevent (for the tutorial) and xdchess, a chess game dock applet.
  • A few bugfixes.


The website was mistakenly informing that you'd need Imlib2, when what you actually need is Imlib1.


Initial version released.


Start the server with:

    xdockserver &

then start a client (such as xdmemory) with:

    xdmemory &

Future plans:

  • new widgets on the API
  • new docks to be included in the default distribution
  • other language bindings (such as Ruby, Python, etc)
  • Win32 and FreeBSD support

Copyright © 2007-2010 André Wagner